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Top 10 Youtube videos for Islamic Education

In our Educational Psychology class, our great instructor, Dr.Lihanna stress to us that teaching does not necessarily means concentrating on the words only. It can be fun and interactive as long as the teacher knows how to engage the students in activities to make the class more interesting. Other than using the whiteboard, mahjong papers, LCD projector, slides or doing role-plays, videos is another means of making a teacher’s teaching style interesting. As mentioned in the previous post, Pendidikan Islam was the subject assigned for our group. This time, we are sharing the Top 10 YouTube videos (not rated from 1-10) that are related and can be useful for our subject. Below each link provided will be a short summary of the chosen video and why it made in our Top 10 list. Enjoy watching the videos and hopefully they give inspiration for better lesson plans and classes!
1) Shaitan Giving You Excuses Not To Pray Because You Have Exam Tomorrow

As students, we will have exams and quizzes. We would have to do revisions so that what have been taught and learned can be applied in everyday lives. shaitan is known to be our number one enemy, forever! They will try influence us not to do good things that will lead us to Jannah. They will confuse us by constantly trying to keep us live off track from the straight path. This video shows how shaitan tries to influence a brother who was revising for his final examination paper by giving excuses for him not to pray immediately after the adzhan. The brother however was strong enough to guard off from shaitan’s plead. He was determined to break for a while and perform his prayer first before continue with his revision. This video is instrumental in teaching 'Aqidah and 'Iman where we understand our relationship with Allah and how it is applied in our daily life. It shows how shaitan can influence us anytime and anywhere we want to do good things. We can be strong and constant by seeking refuge in Allah (saying "A'uzubillah") and  reciting Quranic verses to guard us off from his whispers.

2) Doa for studying

“O Allah, there is no ease except what You make easy. And if You wish, You make the difficult ease” This du’a practiced by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and this du’a is part of the message that this video try to retrieved. The video is a good way to learn the du'a while giving an example of its usage. It is basically about a student’s situation, which he having an examination and facing difficulty to answer questions but by the help from Allah he could answered the questions and passed the examination. From this video, the importance of du’a is stressed out. As a student and also a Muslim, we are encouraged to make du’a for seek help and barakah in world and hereafter. Making du’a from Allah must accompany from a humble, honest and sincere heart to gain guidance (hidayah) from Allah.  The importance of du’a is emphasized in the Qur'an and there are many verses of the Quran calls for Muslims to make du’a. There is also a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) mentioned “Du’a is weapon of Muslim”. Furthermore, Du’a is a form of communication between us and Allah and also an effective form of relationship to reach out to the Creator. Moreover, as a Muslim and also a student, we should always make du’a for the bliss of living in this world and the hereafter. God forbid all of us make du’a without effort and tawakkal in order to gain what we need. By time, if our du’a is not answered by Allah, do not despair, because there must be wisdom behind it!  ;)
3) 7 Minutes That Will Change Your Life Forever

Without realizing it, we humans have the same routine every single day such as taking our morning coffee and attend classes or etc. This also applies to the prayer and doa we do daily. We recite the same surah for each rakaah, tasbih and doa after prayer. This video gives us a realization in which we shall correct our intention in doing wudhu’ and other activities. What is it that actually stops us from being dynamic in our prayer? Instead of giving excuses, why not we learn more surah and use it in our prayers. It would not be much of a burden if we try memorizing few verses a week. We should also study how the Prophet (pbuh) performs his prayers and try following his practices. It is different from what we were taught in our childhood years. It is time to think, stimulate our mind in our heart, and keep khusyu’ in every prayer we perform. Remember no to be lazy and get out of the routine!

4) How to perform prayer while sick

As a Muslim, performing prayer is wajib (obligatory) as it is indicated as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said: “Know that among your duties, prayer is foremost." Even while sick, Muslims still have to perform prayer as long as he or she in the state of conscious. Although this video was published in Malay version, but the steps how to perform prayer while sick are easy to understand regardless of age and nation. As ibadah section is stated in Islamic education syllabus for secondary school, this video helps teachers in order to show the practical way to students before asking students to do the real practical way. Hence, it is not only helps students easy to grasp what the text book say in theory, but also helps teacher not to waste too much time in a way to make students understand the concept. This video made it the top 10 because it is easy to understand practically and really helps teacher teaching also students in learning. Using video and audio make process of learning become more interesting and fun!

5) 1001 inventions-Hidden Muslim Inventions

Islam was going through its Golden Ages when the rest of the world was in the Dark Ages. However, this fact has been isolated, downplayed and even removed from history. The topic in the Malaysian syllabus also does injustice to the era. This video made it to the top 10 because it successfully enlivened dry, boring history lesson (even though Islamic). The approach of using story as well as the sprinkle of magic-like effects would engage any bored,sleepy student on a lazy. Even so, the video still sent across the powerful message of the misconception about the rule of Muslims in history and its relevance to modern times.

6) Allah will provide - Hadith of Aisha

Hadith is considered as the second primary source of Islamic knowledge. This video helps underline its importance by giving an example of an easily understood hadith to spark interest in the topic and highlight its application in daily life. The technique used in making the video is unique with the effects, pictures, sounds and the narration that keeps one’s adrenaline pumping. The video may be instrumental in a lesson on Qada' and Qadar.

7) Biography of Prophet Muhammad

Muslims all over the world recognize the status of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as a role model for Muslim societies and individuals. As Allah says in the Quran;"Verily in the messenger of Allah you have a good example for him who looks unto Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah much." This is why Islam emphasizes such great importance to really discover the life of Prophet Muhammad in order to understand his characteristics as an exemplary life style for his followers. When we understand deeply about prophet’s life, only then we can implement it in a correct way particularly in the contemporary world which has lots of obstacles and challenges in practicing Islam. Another important aspect of a Muslim's life is to have high moral standards. Since the beginning of Islam, Prophet Muhammad was mainly concerned with teaching Muslims to have the best manners and personal characteristics. So, by studying the biography of Prophet Muhammad is like emulating of the most successful person as a whole. He is the most worth idolizing person for all humanity, not a jazz singer from the west or K-pop artists! Enjoy watching=)

8) Khalifa Umar Al-khattab, Al-Faruk r.a.

Above you tube video is suitable in learning Islamic Education for the secondary school students. This video correspond with the syllabus of the form 2 students which falls under the category of History and Islamic Civilization that discuss about Umar as an excellent administrator. The first time I watched this video, it really touched my heart. Suitable with the topic which is “The Softness Heart of Caliph Umar” where the story emphasize on the kindness heart of Caliph Umar when he did not angry to a poor woman who blame him because she can’t feed her children. The woman claim that Caliph Umar did not look upon his people and she assume he just take a deep rest at his house during that time without knowing there are poor people like her family who in hunger. But, Caliph Umar did not say anything and he prevent his companion that wanted to scold the woman. Caliph Umar also had pray to Allah to seek Allah’s forgiveness because of his mistake. He had said thank you to the woman and he also said that she is a kind woman. As we know, Caliph Umar is a leader who will take care of his people and at night, he will go out to look upon them. On the time the woman blame him, Caliph Umar is doing his job which is he went out at that night to care of his citizens. This can be one of a very useful video that can give lesson to the students and it shows the good attitude of Caliph Umar as a Muslim and also as a leader who is humble, patient and caring to his people.  This cartoon video also could make the students not bored in learning especially when it is related to history subject and students could remember more if the technique use in teaching is by using video that might make them remember more compare to just give story telling or description. So teacher.......let’s use this video as one of your learning aids in teaching form two students on the topic of “Caliph Umar as the good administrator”. J

9) Ramadan is the Month of Worship NOT Sleep!!!

Above you tube video discuss about fasting habits in the month of Ramadhan which can be found under ibadah category of Islamic Education subject syllabus in the text book of  form two secondary school students. With a very short duration of time which is within 48 seconds, this video gives impact to the one who watch it. It’s emphasize on the differences between two person habits in the month of Ramadhan which is one person who really make use of the month in doing his ibadah to Allah and on the other hand, the other person who with his same habits and did not appreciate the valuable month (he just sleep the whole day). At the end of the video, a short message was revealed and it gives big meaning to the one who read it. The message stated that “Ramadhan is the Month of Worship Not Sleep”….

The way the video been created is interesting where it used the cartoon animation that can attract the student’s attention and the message of this video reach to the person who watch it. The first time I watched this video, I laugh but after I read the message that shown after this video ends, I felt aware of it and I felt I wanted to improve my ibadah especially in the month of Ramadhan. Yes, it is true that we loss our energy on that month however, it is not an excuse for us and just sleep during that time. Thus, the message of this video reach to the one who watch it and it is recommended as a learning aids for the form two secondary school students which in the topic  of “Fasting Make us a Good Muslim”.

10) Manners while eating

Basically this video is teaching us on how to eat in a proper way. It teaches us the way of Prophet Muhammad eats (sunnah of Prophet), before and after. The message of this video is clearly mentioned because it using simple and precise sentences which easy to understand. The use of cartoon as the main character is quite interesting and funny. This will make the students to stay still watching the video and avoid them from being bored. The most important thing about this video, it is Islamic based. Furthermore, there are Qur’anic verse and Hadiths included in this video which I believe it is good not only for the students, but for us also.

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Assalamualaikum wrt. brothers and sisters in Islam ! 

 How is your iman today? My group members and I had fun over the weekend looking for websites, I especially spent some time playing games…just testing and exploring the sites you see:P. 

Prophetic Timeline
 I see some of my friends have already shared what they found. So, my turn…and guess what I got ^^.


THE Timeline
An interactive and animated timeline of the Seerah! You’re gonna love this. The timeline’s divided generally into three eras and specifically into individual years which when clicked tell the important events in that year. One can either read or listen because they have audiobook quality narration (apparently BBC studio!). But wait, this is not just a simple summary of the Prophet’s life, instead, the developer (Muslim Research & Development Foundation)“liberally seeks to draw out the deeper meanings, lessons and wisdoms of these events, which are applicable to the people of the 21st century as they were 1400 years ago.” and focuses on revealing the true personality of the Last Messenger of Allah. Thus, the timeline has added features like Lessons & Wisdoms that delve into deeper meanings and derive lessons and guidance from the sirah, Edicts & Rulings, that explain the background of verses and injunctions of the Quran revealed during that year and the Contentious Narratives that tackle various narrative that misrepresent the Prophet so that misunderstandings about the Prophet S.A.W. may be addressed.

Some of the other features
In fact, the website gives a lot more than just the timeline, there’s the Prophet’s Last Sermon, a description about him, the beginnings of a collection of attractive videos aaaand watchout for the upcoming features and project by these brilliant servants of Allah.

  I believe that the website is not just good in its layout and design but also that it is for a more mature audience as compared to outer interactive websites. Secondary school kids would love the ‘coolness’ dripping off it, with the special features of the timeline posing a challenge to their intellect. The website in its totality can be used in classes in such a way that almost all levels of Bloom’s taxonomy may be covered. I use the word ‘use’ because the implementation of the taxonomy would be on the instructor’s discretion since, yes, questions are posed and higher level thought if provoked. But, it would require a discussion and all the old arguments of time-limitations, control etc :D. 

A crucial fact is that the developers understand the sirah and the issues of authenticity surrounding it. Hence, they have related some of their sources and selection method for any crosschecking the reader may want to do. 

My first thought when I saw the website was ‘COOOOL!’ and my second ‘Oh but they’ve got a lot of reading material (which is however, suitable for teenagers and above) and audio only’. But as I went through the website I found that they were smack on track with their plan to set up the SirahMap, where the users will “Experience for the first time in history, the result of an extraordinary collaboration of satellite technology, the Saudi Geological survey and the work of on-the-ground researchers.” Now that’s ‘Cool’ to the power of n! Indeed, when this is up, users/ students can learn ‘hands-on’…virtually at least:P… aaand it would be suitable for younger age groups aaand would cater for the different learning styles and different intelligence e.g. spatial and kinesthetic. Hmm, also to note, the audio also caters for those with disability of vision ^^. 

On the other hand, some of the topics discussed under contentious narratives may be beyond the intellectual capacity of even high school goers. I believe that as an intermediary step to the SirahMap, the developers could put in maps and pictures and a full list of the references used would encourage and help in self learning. 

Summarily, this website is an example of ta’dib as Al-Attas defined it because it makes a brilliant attempt to go beyond the story of the life of the Prophet S.A.W. to understanding the right place of events, people (especially the Prophet S.A.W.) and Quranic verses in relation to Allah, hopefully to spark the self-recognition and see its realization in acknowledgement. More of such websites, in different languages, are in dire need. 

May Allah bless the efforts of MDRF and ease them on their ongoing projects and plans! 
Hope I've enticed you into exploring the website ^^...Rabbana zidna 'ilman nafian! 


Assalamu’alaikum, dear brothers and sisters

Are you too lazy and don’t have enough time to go out and play with you children? Yes? Oh, don’t worry, now you can play with your them without going anywhere. What you need is just having your desktop, laptop, ipad or tablet in front of you so that you can go online. Why you need to go online? Which website you should explore? Are they questions that you wondering about? Want to know the answers, here is a suggestion; .

Education is an essential part of a children’s live. Without education, it seems like they can fall easily, as when you are standing on one foot. It’s difficult right? The importance of being well-taught since they were small can be seen when you proudly say, “My daughter is a doctor” or “My son is a pilot”. Isn’t what you want to see in your children’s future as parents. But, there are things you should be aware of, which do not pressure and push your children too hard in order to get an excellent grade. As adults, we need time to rest and release our stress by doing many things such as jogging, shopping, and many more. Same goes to children, they need time to rest and play in order to avoid them from being stressful. Learning and playing are two different things, but both have their own influence in children while they are growing. But still, as parents you need to guide what types of activities and games that are suitable for them.

As I suggested, you should explore the website given above. You will find it is interesting for you and your children. It is very useful for your children too. It is full with interesting activities and games that your children can play with. Furthermore, this website is Islamic based. There are Arabic alphabets games and puzzles, Islamic crossword, Islamic puzzles, and Islamic quiz which can generate and brainstorm their basic knowledge about Islamic Education. Indirectly, it can help them to increase and sharpen their knowledge about Islamic Education. It is also a good foundation for them to be good Muslims at a very early age. If you want your children become good Muslims, you should prepare a good foundation for them. How? Just by providing and teaching them with Islamic Knowledge as early as possible. In addition, this website can be a bonus for you in teaching them about Islamic Knowledge. 

Besides that, you can spend some quality time with your children by helping and guiding them while they are solving the games and puzzles. Believe me, by having those quality times, your children will feel that they are being appreciated, concerned, and loved. As children, the only thing that they look forward from you is your attention. Another thing you should know, you should aware about their presence in your life. So that, they know their presence is important as yours in their live.

Everything that is happened has its start. If you want to have good children, it starts with you. As parents, how you raise them, where you raise them, what you show them, and what you teach them as new born babies, was the starting point of their live. Why don’t you just click on this website; as start.


Amira Hani bt Salam (0816988).
السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
Dear Lovely Readers ;)


Viewing this website, the first thing that comes to my mind is about ‘some stories of Islamic life’. This website mainly touches on information and article about tips and the way to train the children. Looking trough the contains, this website basically providing information about the tips on how to train the children, some input on general knowledge and lots of interesting article that will attract the reader. This website consists of several aspect which are cerita anak, pendidikan anak, susu ibu, seni rumah tangga and others. On this website, at the header of this website offer s extra information, which are umum, blog, forum, games, video, perpustakaan and hadiah.

Focusing on pendidikan category, this website provides beneficial information that the viewer can gain. For example, through the pendidikan anak segment, the viewers are exposed to the information about how to educate children. For example, through the article Doa-Doa Untuk Anak, Kasih Sayang Abang, Baby TV perlu dikaji semula, Susahkah Ajar Bayi Bercakap and Kasih Sayang Dalam Mendidik. These article, gave a lots of value to the readers. In other segment, which is Seni Rumah Tangga segment, the viewer will be present to the information about marriage. For example, in article “Tips mencari Suami Impian” will provide information to the early adulhood women (single) on how to find the “right husband” according to Islamic way. This thing is considered important because to choose good husband is imprtant in order to build “Baitul Muslim”. In this section also, the segment Susu Ibu (Breastfeeding) is also included.Breastfeeding, to me is very important because breast feeding is the first food for the children. through out this segment, there are several article that stress the importance of breastfeeding as nowadays some of mother have neglect it. Through the segment Cerita Anak. the parents can read and story with their own children and discuss on the value and moral of the story with the children.

To attract the reader come and view the website, a game section is also included in this website. The children also can try on several games provided. his application can strengthen family relationships between parent and children. For example, the parent can invite their child to try the games and play together.

Additional information that can be found in this website through the blog section. In this section, the viewer can be expose to the information about how to teach the children. For example, there is a writing on how to motivate the children to study. Forum section is also included in this website. Throughout this forum, the viewer from all places can interact each other,  discussing and sharing specific current issues. The viewer also can ask on something they do not know and the other viewer will give their opinion on that problem. Interesting right? Quotation "Sharing is Caring" sound nice ;). This website, provide the free flesh card and e-book to the reader. Therefore, the viewer may print it out and share with their friend. In section hadiah, the administor of this websites offers some prizes that will drag the readers to join and always updated with this website.

In conclusion, to me, This website have its own strength. This website contains alots of information to the reader. As one of the reader i feel excited to read and i felt that this website give me a spirit of inspiration. ;) As it contains alot of information. it will enhance our knowledge. especially in Islamic education. This website also can improved our understanding upon things such as breastfeeding. This website also is not only focusing on 1 focus group, but also all people from different age also can share and get information through this website.

بارك الله فيك

Thank you & Take care. <3
Nuratiqah bt Zaini

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Assalamu’alaikum readers out there=)

Learning site for children may vary in terms of what they offer to the children. Focusing on the Islamic Education for children, the learning activity site should be attractive yet ‘ilmiah in order to assist our children in developing their cognitive and this is one of the learning sites which might help the spiritual aspect of children’s to be fed.

This is a link of the website,
The first impression of this website can be said as it is very concise and comprehensive blog. Although the main focus is to highlight the practical tips for raising children and useful resources for parenting needs, it somehow covers all aspects of human life. It offers advantages not only for parents yet teenagers and school kids would have much more benefits gained from this learning site.

Having said that it is a comprehensive learning site because we can see various sharing out can be seen for instance article, worksheets, printable du’a, children’s TV, e-books, recipes, online games. Considering that children are living with high technologies, take for example the worksheets will teach some fundamental of Islam to children in a different and interesting way. We just can simply download these free pdf sheets and print them for your children to complete. Isn’t it amazing?

After exploring this site, one of the major things came to my mind was,”I want to be a great Muslim parent for my children”. This learning site is very useful in encouraging parents towards raising up children in a very beautiful way of Muslim’s life. It offers printable du’a which made it very easy to implement the Islamic environment at home by having the printouts available. For me, if parent can have it printed on colourful papers with cute frames on the wall, it would be much more fun in memorizing them together with kids and later apply those du’a when it is needed.

Speaking about children’s TV, it offers such varieties including stories of the prophet, nasyid, cartoon, songs and teaching solat for kids. It could be the learning aids for parents or preschool teachers in helping the kids having fun while gaining knowledge because the videos are so interactive and friendly user. Plus, the animations used are so colourful and very eye catching designed. Even an adult like me would have just loved it, what’s more for little kids out there.

There’s no payment needed, what you need is merely effort in exploring what this site has offered. Personally, this website is absolutely great and every Muslim family should use it. This website may improve the children’s learning activities in a fun way. May Allah reward those who are involved in creating this wonderful learning site.

R.Syakireen Syahida R.Ismail.

Assalamualaikum Dear Faithful Readers,

This is the next website on Islamic education. This page explores the issue of children’s Islamic education from a comprehensive perspective, both in academic and Islamic at the same time. It also provides free teaching tips and materials and also includes an Arabic method not only for kids but also for adults who want to improve their tajweed and learn how to read Quran. The site can be viewed at

Officially, the mentioned website is Lets Learn Islam by, which is owned by collaborated owner, sister Mariam from Canada and sister Aisha from Malaysia. This website helps children in understand Islam also helps parents and educators to improve their teaching style.  Everyone can visit this site without any fees charged as it is free! There are many interesting activities provided for example; Kids corner, consists of kids stories that linked to kids stories’ blog which contained various stories for kids which written by kids, photo gallery that linked to various picture of kids’ project, provide various videos for Arabic beginners (number, letter, colours, month in Islam, stories of prophets) and links (halal online games, tajweed, teaching style).

Children also can improve tajweed by self-studying through Ashanul Qawaid section. Other than that, this site also provides Home schooling links that provides home schooling and curriculum basics. Psychologically, children more to visual learning, they tend to imitate what they see. Perhaps, that is why this site provides more visual aids for example the way how to pray especially for beginners. Parents and educators also can download various files about Islam for free.

For me, this website is very interactive site as it provides visual and auditory aids, colourful and using mind maps and diagrams. It also easy to be surfed as it is free! Anyone can browse this site without any fees. The owner for this website also already give permission to use any materials in this site for educational purpose as long as references are given credit to the website. It is very beneficial and useful especially for children in a way to know Islam in interesting style. May Allah bless the efforts of the owner of this website who willing to share knowledge and disseminate it to the world.

Reviewed by: Siti Noorain Ab Azis (0824164)


Islamic education is one of the important subjects to be studied, especially in the early stage of a child. To make Islamic Education attractive for the children, we as Muslim should know the ropes so that the children do not get bored and quickly forgotten what they had studied. Here, one of the most easy and effective website to be explore by kindergarten and primary school children who wanted to learn Islamic Education in a best way. Here, are 10 reasons why this learning activity site is needed for the children:

 It’s Easy and colourful
· The moving icons in the web make the children easy to choose which topic they   interested to know and by clicking on the icon, the subtopics will be appear. Next,  they need to clicks on the subtopic and the information about it will be display for them. The background, picture and icon of the website is colourful and it shown in attractive way where can catch children's attention to it.

More choices on the topics
• The web gives 9 choices of topics for the visitors to choose. (We Love Allah. We  Love Prophet (s.a.w), We Love Quran, We Makes Dua’s, Play and Learn, Stories  (in  English), Stories (in Urdu), Rhymes, Mail Us). The subtopics for all the topics will appear and visitors can scroll the subtopic at the small cute smile icon ( J )

The Background sounds make the information easy to be store in memory
· For all of the icons, there is a background sound as there is a person that teach and     guide the children. For example, in the “We Make Dua’s” icon, there is a  background sound of a person who taught on how to recite, for example the dua for parents or dua for protection and there will be one more background sound of a child that followed the dua recitation. This is effective way for the children to remember because the use of rehearsal technique.

Know Allah the Almighty
• The children can explore about the greatness of Allah by reading and hearing      (background sound like someone tell the story) the story that related to the  greatness of Allah such as The Sleeper of The Cave, In a Stomach of a fish and many more which is in “We Love Allah” icon.

Learn Arabic
• Moreover, this web also displays the Arabic word each time after one word of dua (in We Make Dua’s icon) had been taught. There is also English translation below the Arabic word displayed.

Tajweed information
• It same goes to the icon of “We Love Quran” where there is sound of Quran recitation which the children may follow the correct way of Quranic recitation. But, there is additional knowledge where the website gives subtopic on the tajweed session with the videos too. This gives more additional information to the children about tajweed knowledge.

Know History of Islam
• Children also can explore about the history of Islam if they choose the icons of “Stories” where it  have in 2 languages (English and Urdu). There are stories of Hajaratul Aswad, Eid Fitri and other stories like the color of rainbow, the beggar boy or rich boy and many more that will give lesson to the children too. They also may know more about the last prophet which was Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. if they click the icon of “We Love Prophet s.a.w”

Play and Learn
• The children also can play if they choose this web as their learning aids. This is where the children may not easily bored when learning.There are quizzes that related to Islamic topics like solah, ramadhan, wudu’ Quranic quiz, and many more. There are also games that related to Islamic Education such as Jigsaw Puzzle of the mosques, find the place like the holy Kaabah, Nabawi mosque and many more if children click on the icon “Play and Learn”. Thus, it can be seen that children may play and at the same time they had learn something new. 

Music time
• Children can hear songs (in Arabic, English or Urdu language) in the “Rhymes” icon. It is not just a song but the content of the song have hidden meaning that can give lesson for the children. For instance, the song of “Bits of Paper” where the content highlight about cleanness in Islam and the lyric of the song mentioned that Prophet Muhammad had told Muslim that cleanness is a part of faith.  

Give Comment and Feedback
• Not only learning but the visitors can also play a role in giving their ideas or comment of this website. There is icon of “Mail Us” where children can take opportunity in express their own opinions and share their ideas about the website.

Some suggestion on the improvement on the wesite
Some improvement can be made on this website in order to make it more power and meaningful website. It can be add up many more languages so that will be easy for children who wanted the translation in their own language and to make them easy to understand the content. In addition, in the “We Love Quran” icon, it can be add more on other Quranic chapter and if they can make it so, they may put all Quranic chapters on the website.

· Congratulation to the one who create this website…It is very useful in Learning Islamic Education in fun way!!!